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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This blog has MOVED!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Death of a Sales Letter(man)

I have been receiving many email and promotions about how the long direct sales letter is dying, that the tactics of using a sales letter will become less effective over time.

Still today's best Internet guru's are still using direct sales letters to promote theirs and others products and services.

I chuckle a little because some are using a long direct sales letter to tell me it is dying.

I see that they are trying to connect Googles constant changes in the results of their search engine. Google wants to give you better results, from your search request, good content sites and not bring you to direct sales devices.

I think there is a building wave of using audio and video as the next stage.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Self-Publisher Beware!

With the tremendous success of the Print on demand industry there is now a wealth of self published books. An aspiring author can now publish a book at zero cost then purchase copies for himself and his family at steeply discounted prices.

So how does a potential book buyer judge the quality of the writing without actually reading the book?

He or she does it by looking at the cover.

Let's cover a few things you shouldn’t do:
Don't use the Publishers pre-made artwork;
Don't do your own cover unless you have some talent;
Don’t approve a cover until other people have looked at it and can give you an honest opinion;
Don't settle for a cover that doesn't express the tone and feel of your writing.

So what should you do?

You should first spend some time reviewing the cover.
Make sure it reflects the writing inside the book.

There are several well known online graphic book covers designers. Now days, it is very easy to hire someone to create the design for you. As stated above, have others look at the cover.

Remember the old saying, "You can't judge the book by it's cover."

Randy Gaulding is a Visionary and Infopreneur creating mentoring program on Internet marketing strategies and tactics.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Power of Using Urgency In Your Offer

In the world of offline direct mail it has long been understood that creating urgency increases conversion rates.

Is the same true of the web?

Do expiry dates or warnings about limited supplies actually work?

And if so, is there a best way to express urgency, and are there pitfalls to avoid?

The practice of using urgency as a means to drive sales is well established in both offline and online media.

However, using urgency is a powerful promotional tool.

1. The urgency should be genuine and not simply created as a promotional gimmick.
2. Even the legitimate use of an urgent message will still be recognized as a promotional tactic.
3. The use of urgency on an offer page can be a very powerful tool, but is not something you can do all the time. If you do, you will lose credibility.

Seven ways to use direct or implied urgency in your marketing
1. Test urgency messages to your offer pages on your web site.
2. Test urgency within your shopping cart pages and other site pages where you need to encourage immediate action.
3. Test urgency messages in the subject lines of your emails and newsletters.
4. Test urgency in your customer or subscriber welcome emails. Urgency can encourage new members to become more deeply engaged in your site more quickly.
5. Test urgency in shopping cart recovery emails to drive more purchasers back to their shopping carts.
6. Test urgency in subscriber recovery emails when subscriptions expire.
7. Test urgency in your press releases and other offline marketing.

BONUS: Test urgency in your PPC and CPM advertising.

Randy Gaulding is an Visionary and Infopreneur creating mentoring programs for Internet marketing strategies and tactics.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Top 10 Guidelines: Successful Affiliates Programs

If you plan to implement or improve an affiliate program to increase the overall ROI of your marketing efforts, keep in mind that many affiliate programs fail. And they fail because companies do not invest enough time and resources, research and program management.

Top 10 Guidelines:

1. Commit to allocating sufficient resources;
2. Invest in a program for in-house solution or invest with a established provider;
3. When launching an affiliate program, give yourself a 12 month breakeven window;
4. While programs make huge revenues with tens of thousands of affiliates, other achieve the same results with a few strong partners;
5. Treat your top affiliates as valued strategic partners;
6. Be generous with your commissions;
7. Provide your affiliates with marketing tools;
8. Give affiliates access to reporting tools;
9. Be open to special request;
10. Listen carefully to top affiliates.

Randy Gaulding is a Visionary and Infopreneur creating One-on-One mentoring programs for Internet Strategies and Tactics.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blogs, Podcast and RSS - What is this stuff?

I was watching TV the other night and caught the MAC/PC commercial. Altogether I think the commercial is interesting to watch, I was drawn to the statement that the MAC was fun for pictures and podcasting, and the PC stated it was fun also, using spreadsheets and graphs.

Since Apple help start this whole swing towards Blogs,Podcasting and VideoCasting, they are now stating to use these terms in their commercials. I think that more people are more familiar with these terms. If you didn't know this, TV commercials are for 25-35 year olds.

Also I am seeing, that at the end of the local news broadcast, they mention to download the stations podcast of the news report.

I work with entrepreneurs in creating strategies and tactics for using the Internet. Over the last 2 years I have seen a large move towards the use of Blogs, Podcasting and VideoCasting.

The reason these three are tied together, it is because they use the same software structure that allows the ease of frequent updating. If you have ever tried to update a website, this is a breeze.

If these are easy to product, update and promote, why not start using them for businesses?

And part of the hoopla, about these three methods, is creating new content on the Internet.

If we spend time in creating new content, what will we do with it? Thus RSS Feeds.

Many of us will stop at this point because what is RSS and why does it seem so hard to understand?

Don't stop.

What is RSS? I like to think of it as when I was a boy and had a newspaper route, I only delivered the paper to those who requested the newspaper. The other houses, I passed by.

RSS Feeds acts the same way. You request the information to be sent to you directly when they publish a new "newspaper".

There is some technology to understand behind RSS Feeds, but that was the simplest form of explaining this technology.

The use of Blogs, Podcasting and VideoCasting has moved pass the original environment of using iPods and downloading music from iTunes.

Individuals and businesses are now using Blogs, Podcasting and VideoCasting in promoting product and services. They are now part of their strategic marketing.

These three methods are food for the Internet hungry monster.

The Internet hungry monster likes to feed on new content and because Blogs, Podcasting and VideoCasting ALWAYS generates new food, the Internet monster will always come back to see what cookies were left to be eaten.

If you are looking to pull traffic to your site, constantly have search engines indexing your site and also use what is working in Internet marketing, look into Blogs, Podcasting and Videocasting.

I have announced a Podasting on Internet Marketing. More information go to:

See, I want to feed the Internet monster.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

News Rules of Press Releases

The web has changed the rules for press releases because the web has allowed people to read press releases directly.

Now, savvy marketing entrepreneurs use press releases to reach buyers direct. While many understand that press releases sent over the wires appear in real-time on services like Google News, few understand the implications for how they must alter their press release strategy in order to maximize the effectiveness of the press release as a direct consumer-communication channel.

Online marketing professionals create press releases that deliver useful information directly to their buyers. Self-publishing has moved into the mainstream and organizations large and small are doing the publishing…via press releases.

The best way to publish press releases is to simultaneously post a release on your own web site and send it to one of the press release wires.

Post your press releases to an appropriate and readily findable section on your web site. It could also be posted on your blog. Check out your web site statistics. You may be amazed at how many visitors are already reading your press releases.

When a press release is posted on your site, search engines crawlers will find the content, index it, and rank it based on words and phrases and other factors. To achieve high rankings, pay attention not only the words and phrases, but also to other search engine optimizations factors such as URL used, the words in the headline and first paragraph of the release, the title tag and metatags.

You should also create your own RSS feed of your news stories on your site.

Be a maverick

Many people who adhere to the old rules of press release will fight you on executing this strategy. If you are a marketing professional who wants to reach your buyers directly through press releases, you must consider the new rules.

Randy Gaulding is a Visionary and Infopreneur creating one-on-one mentoring programs on Internet Marketing Strategies and Tactics.
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